For some reason, every time when I'm back from vacationing in Paris, I will always noticeably loose a little weight without trying. While it doesn't get me back down to my ideal weight, it's such a nice jump start, as I had been in a rot trying to loose weight before my trip.

I credit most of it to walking everywhere and also avoiding fast foods. The entire two weeks while I was in France, I had no fast food, there simply was none. I saw perhaps one U.S. fast food joint, but that was all. In the city, everywhere I wanted to go, there was the metro, and it was so much fun to walk through the city while eyeing all sorts of shops!

I also got used to having much smaller portions when I got back home. I noticed that while I was in Paris, the portion of foods were smaller, perhaps it was just my perception? The butter croissant was tiny compared to the US ones, but it was very crispy and tasty! There was no franken sized strawberries, the strawberries were small but very flavorful. I got used to having just a small amount of food each meal. I started drinking dark smoky espresso and got used to savoring tiny sips of it sitting at a cafe, instead of having a bland Starbucks on the go.  I know it sounds like silly little improvements, but it seems to be helping me.

Since I came back home, I've been rethinking about my lifestyle here in the States. There are a lot of things in my life that's noticeably missing back home, and food is just one part of it, albeit a big part.  There is so much improvement to be made in my life, and it took me traveling to another part of the world to realize that.  I will be looking forward to make some positive changes from now on, and I'm pretty excited about it!


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