Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Crazy" doesn't nearly describe the state of my life right now. Besides the interior of my house looking like this,

I've also found two chihuahuas abandoned at a parking lot.

Here's an idea people, hey, I feel like dumping my pets in a broken crate, so I'm just going to go ahead to dump them at 3pm in the afternoon when it's about 100 degrees outside.

Between trying to coordinate with contractors, running between two houses, taking care of my own dogs, getting these chihuahuas back to normal, bathing, cleaning, buying some basic necessities like leashes, food bowl, and flea treatment, vet visit, constant clean up, and shooting out crazy amount of emails trying to get them adopted, my blog pretty much got pushed to the rock bottom of priorities.

To top things off, I took the chihuahuas to the vet yesterday to get an exam and vaccine shots, and after I put the chihuahuas inside the car, I accidentally locked myself out. After being told that to remotely unlock my car would take 48 hours and a road side assistant would take an hour to get here, a nice lady at the clinic used her AAA service and got the car unlocked. It was just in time before the pups baked into cookies. On our way home one chihuahua used my Mercedes as a puke bucket and threw up all over the back seat, but I didn't care, I was just too thrilled that they didn't cook inside the car while being locked in.

As of now I am still searching for families that would adopt them. From my experience, 90% of animal rescue does not even bother to email me back, while the remaining are mostly maxed out on their capacity. Seeing lots of stray animals' happy endings on facebook used to give me this delusion that there are always people out there to help them, but there aren't, at least far from enough. A look at a typical shelter in LA or Orange County, the number of euthanized animals by the shelters per year is staggering. It's just so frustrating because it is to me a purely human created problem out of irresponsible pet ownership and breeding.

Anyhow, discussing the broader issue does not help me a bit in placing them at a good home. If you happen to be reading this post and interested in the chihuahua puppies please feel free to contact me in the comment section!

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