Monday, September 9, 2013

I've been emailing back and forward with a local rescue group that said they might be able to take them, late last night I suddenly got an email saying they will take them both, in a few days.  I will say that I'm not quite prepared for them to be taken away so soon, even though my sole objective has been trying to get them re homed ASAP.  I've learned more about chihuahuas over the past week more than I did in my whole life, and now I know that they are tiny dogs with REAL BIG personalities! 

Today I went out and got a few things for them, t-shirts, bedding, toys. I am feeling somewhat anxious, once the chihuahuas leave my hands, I really have little say in where or how they will end up. You kind of have to take a big leap of faith and just trust the people that take them over. After helping them through this terrible ordeal of being dumped at a parking lot, I really need to know that they are going to a good home.

Today we went to our local nursery to smell flowers and social with the friendly nursery employees. We also played kong toys and fetch balls, isn't it amazing that tiny dogs like these just seem to know how to play fetch?

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