Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My husband and I have been thinking about getting a few things done here and there while the house is in construction. It got me started obsessing over pretty much every little detail of planning, and now it's just about time that the ideas have been "cooked" long enough in my mind to put together some idea boards to see if they are feasible. 

Music room

Music Room

A lot of furniture pieces we purchased two years ago now seemed unfit for the house. Our dining table was too big for the dining room, the long benches constantly give me back ache, bed was too small in the bedroom, and there are also many pieces like IKEA shelves that clutter up the space.  It's easier to re-imagine how we could furnish the house better when things are moved out and the rooms are empty. 

guest bathroom

Guest Bathroom

Initially I made plans to completely redo the guest bathroom, but I'm running into problems left and right with this bathroom. To begin with, the antique cast iron sink I purchased not too long ago was actually too deep for my tiny guest bath, and half of it shows through the door way. To purchase a smaller cast iron sink is possible, but I am having hell of a difficult time finding a company that would re-porcelain the sink to perfect condition.

It's been a bit of a fixation for me to want to put a vintage cast iron sink in my house. I just think it adds so much character and style for the house. Problem is, there are no place I know of that can actually re-porcelain a cast iron sink in California. There are places that could do it, but they are in the East coast. It's a process different than just your typical guy "reglazing," aka "repaint" your bathtub in your home. Reglazing is not a good solution for heavily used sinks and tubs, as paint chip every few months of so. This, of course, I learned after purchasing my bathroom sink.

The best way to go is re-porcelain the sink completely. It was the way these sinks were made back then and it will last you another life time if taken care of properly.  So far there is one company in Corona that is planning to start a operation on this. The owner told me I will need to wait three more months while he sets things up. Until then, everything is still up in the air.  So what do I do in the mean time? I could put in the lighting fixture, fix the fan in the bathroom, and place a medicine cabinet on the wall ( which requires moving a section of water pipe behind the wall, headache!) and just wait on the tiles and sink!

Dining Room

Dining Room

My taste for furniture has changed over time. Sometimes it's not that my has taste changed, it's just that I didn't know what my taste was.  This time for the dining room, I wanted to go for a clean cut French look, without bordering on shabby chic.  I'm still loving the crystal chandelier that I put into the dining room when we moved in, everything else needs to go. Fingers crossed that I can get rid of the old furnishings without too much trouble!

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