Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This magnificent cottonwood tree is in the process of being cut down. I am absolutely heart broken but there's no other solution. Last year we spent close to $1000 bucks on a famous arborist, or at least a arborist working for famous people ( this was a fact we found out during the inspection), hoping that he'd have some good solution for our tree, all he said was that a tree this close to a house needs to be taken down.  The main trunk was an inch away from the wall when we moved in, now it is firmly pressing against our wall.  Our current insurance company will no longer insure us, we are hoping this won't be a issue for the new insurance company, but then the electrical company requires a clearance where the tree is for our meter. Anyway, the tree is going down. Once the schedule was set to cut down the tree, I left and didn't stay to see it happen. It is just too upsetting to watch. I am officially one less good tree. This sucks!

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