Sunday, October 13, 2013

What have I been up to? Well, for a good start, I finally got my piano tuned and started practicing for a little bit. I found this no frill tuner who was a HUGE improvement from the last one I had. He showed up, for $100 got the job done in an hour and my piano sounded just beautiful!

My hubby and I never made it to the beach once this summer, so he had the great idea to take me to Seal Beach for a walk last night. It was some much needed ocean breeze as I've been kind of in a funk because of all the stress from our home construction. It really is important to stop worrying about things when you haven't much control over them and just be zen.

After a refreshing walk, we dined at a restaurant nearby famous for their oysters. The two of us ordered a bunch of entrees instead of main course, and it was absolutely delicious. It reminded me of my vacation days in Paris. Once I had to call my husband who was working in his office in California because I got lost finding my old oyster bar in the streets of St. Germain. It was an expensive navigation service of course!

Some updates on the Chihuahua babies. They are doing fine! The foster mom took them to get fixed and micro chipped last week. I heard that they did great, but still looking forward to visit them when I get a chance. They seem a little fatter than before in the picture, which is a good thing. The foster mom is egging one of her friend on to adopt those two together. Fingers crossed that this will happen, we all want to get them adopted into the same family! 

That's all the updates for now, hopefully I will have some home decor post up soon that I've been working on. Stay tuned!

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