A few pictures from Sunday. Today my hubby and I took the doggies to the dog park. Fie Fie and Uggie ran around and around for a long time while Kelly only stayed by our feet as usual, though this time she was a bit more adventurous.

After we came home, I gave all the "kids" a warm bath, cooked dinner and called it a night. While we were eating dinner, Uggie started shaking his head again. This happened when I first got him, he would shake his head, and couldn't stop, and then he would start crying. Last time we took him to an all night clinic very late at night afraid that it could be a seizure, after dropping a fortune on tests, the vet found nothing. I found this discussion forum here and one person suggested milk with sugar when the dog has head tremors, I figure sweets would do the trick. I keep a jar of raw honey in my pantry just for Uggie. Every now and then when his head tremors, I feed him a big spoonful, and the head tremor stops instantly! I have no idea why, but this actually works! Now he's down to having one every three month or so, which is not too bad. After Uggie recovered, he stayed by me and looked up at me as if to thank me for making him feeling better. I just love my little love bug!


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