Thursday, November 7, 2013

The chihuahuas that I found at a parking lot are still at the foster mom's house. Today I went to visit them. I brought two bags of treats for the half dozen dogs staying at foster mom's house. It always breaks my heart to see them, when I was leaving, Charlotte clutched to the doggie door and refused to go inside. It's amazing they still remembered me after all this time.

The two pups got fixed a couple of weeks ago. The foster mom told me they were doing fine over the phone, but today she told me Charlotte did not move at all the first night because she was so scared. The foster mom had to quit work for a day to stay home with her to make sure she was ok. It seems to be pretty hard to find homes for chihuahuas, I am so sad that I'm unable to take them in. Life is filled with difficult decisions sometimes, and when it comes to me not able to help these little pups, I just makes me feel very guilty! 

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