Sunday, December 8, 2013

I had to buy dog food, and I just couldn't resist to at least pick up one useless item from the store. Revlon POSH 571. The color is spot on! I absolutely love it!

Also today I helped rescuing this little doggie today by offering a small donation among many many other people. He was on the euth list around mid day because he growled (um, ok), but then pulled out just in time. There was no foster willing to take him on such short notice, so he had to stay at a boarding for a while, at least he didn't go meet Carl Marx:)

Here he is, out of the hell hole for a breath of fresh air, isn't he adorable?

I've been thinking about this all day. I'm noticing that, though without a solid figure, the majority of animal rescuers are women. In Chinese there's this term coined "a woman's compassion," 妇人之仁,a rather de-humanizing term describing a much less type of compassion that belonged to women.  It was under this shadow that I grew up, so when people scorned me about feeling sorry for animal, I simply tuck my head in my shoulder and tried to change. Only recently I've starting to realize that there's no shame in feeling compassion to others' miseries. In fact the world is a much less miserable place thanks for a woman's compassion!

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