Monday, December 2, 2013

I made this fairy garden as a gift for a friend. I think this one really tops it all out of the fairy gardens that I've gifted out so far. I planted a princess elm tree ( the green small bush on the left) which is extremely slow growing and live up to 20+ years no problem, not to mention that it has the tiniest elm tree leaves of all. The middle tree is a pink Serissa, the green on the roof of the house is some kind of European import, and the tree with little bright red fruit is a small Cotoneaster. With care this fairy garden will do well for quite a long time. Now, I'm always very nervous when I gift out my fairy gardens, and I usually only give them to people with a green thumb. So, best luck to this little magical world!

As long as we are making garden talk, I might as well mention that my single white Serissa bloomed. Funny all the flowers are facing the direction of the sun, which is on the left of this little plant! It only blooms during winter time, quite odd if you ask me!

While I was at the nursery today, I found this good sized Serissa tree with this crazy root formation. I was very impressed with it! Given a few years this will be the perfect tree I've been looking for!

Here's a closer look to the flower, single bloom in pink, so pretty!

I saved the cuttings off of this tree and soaked them in water, I plan to make my own serissa trees out of these tiny twigs. This sort of things are worth more than gold to me:)

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