Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm loving this small antique clock. It has a light tick and chimes at half and full hour, it really fills the house with charm!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Uggie had a strange head tremor last night. I didn't think much of it at first but right when I was about to go to bed he started it again and it lasted longer this time. I did a quick search online and it seemed that it could be seizures so we dragged him to a emergency clinic that opens 24 hours. Four hours of wait and $300 dollars later we came back home early in the morning. The vet did examination and ran a blood test but found him in excellent health except he had a bit of diarrhea. So we are scratching our heads wondering what that was about.

It was no fun to be at the vet in the middle of night as pretty much only emergency happens during this time. While we were waiting another lady was crying her heart out the whole time while her puppy was being euthanized because she couldn't afford any treatment. It was hard to watch, on top of that I opened one of the examine room to ask a question and saw the sick puppy wrapped in baby blankets being carried to a back room. It wasn't a very good night but at least so far Uggie is ok.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What is going on with Uggie you say? Well, he hasn't gotten over the new recliner yet and he's also started chewing on our one hundred year old window. I'm keeping him in the crate whenever I step outside of the house, which isn't long.  There are lots of really good articles floating on the internet, basically, we just have to keep an eye on him until he goes back to normal. Poor little guy!

Uggie also stayed in prison while we went on a walk. Life isn't fair sometimes.

We are getting ready to watch some scary tv show. It's good stuff!

 The doggy mama got her nails done today. This is some seriously fancy stuff with extension and gel and stuff... so far it's driving her crazy. She's not used to fancy nails, maybe they will have to come off tomorrow:(

Monday, January 21, 2013

 A very vintage purse...

and a very vintage pie:)

Dressing up my doggies has always been a weakness of mine:)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Over the weekend my husband and I dined at a wonderful restaurant in Newport Beach. We come here once in a while and whenever we are here we truly enjoy our dinner because they've got super fresh oysters and the main course and wine are all delicious!

I wore my new heart print dress from forever 21 today.


And we took the doggies to the dog park. Uggie ran and chased other dogs, Fie Fie dove into a group of little white poodles, even Kelly went all the way out to the other side of the field to explore for a while instead of stuck by our legs the whole time. It really made me feel like I got the bang out of my buck because it kind of is always a production to get three dogs into the car and drive 20 minutes to the place.

So over all it was just a homey weekend filled with wonderful times spent with family, but I think  sometimes the small pleasures of life are worth more than gold.

Well I don't know what it is, four days after offering such a fun and exciting opportunity to own a bad dog, nobody took me up on the offer... I guess I will have to keep him.

So what got Uggie into such a big trouble in the first place? Well, it seems that Uggie had recently took on a hobby of peeing inside the house. Mind you that he was fully house broken, knew the drill very well, and I made sure to take him out every couple of hours to the backyard or a walk. Recently we purchased a brand new recliner from Room and Board. It was suppose to be my husband's man chair and my desperate attempt to be trendy and hip. As it turned out, I wasn't on the fast track to be trendy and hip with my new recliner, it was becoming Uggie's peeing pole.

A few nights ago he ran down stairs and I knew he probably had to go, so I ran after him to let him out in the backyard. Before I could reach him, he already peed all over the recliner, my new recliner that cost almost two grand, and there goes my hipness and replaced with hot yellow pee.  I didn't know what it was, whether it was 12:30 am and I was tired, or that I had to spend forty minutes cleaning up the recliner, I picked up a roll of paper stick and chased him all over the house to spank him.  He knew he was in trouble and so we were on a cat and mouse chase all over the house in the middle of night while my husband was trying to sleep. Finally Uggie hid in the crack between the bed and the night stand (he's too fat to fit under the bed these days) and refused to come out. I couldn't get to him so I went to bed.

The next day Uggie and Fie Fie came up to me to snuggle and I was still pretty mad and yelled at him. He knew he wasn't welcome and immediately dashed down the stairs crying all the way while Fie Fie stayed with me, but that just made me feel like an evil witch so I couldn't stay mad at him anymore. 

In the end, I could never stay mad at my doggies for too long, I regret that I got mad at all!  After all, aren't pets our best friends?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

$Bad dog for sale$

Hi, up for sale is this very very bad dog. He loves peeing on brand new couches, chewing up antique tables, getting into dirt and eating everybody's left over food.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

This was our ceiling light situation until a couple of days ago. I tempted to change out one light in the schoolhouse style, but after putting it up I had to stop myself because the light felt and looked kind of cheap.

After a lot of thinking back and forth I finally purchased three lights from Schoolhouse Electric. They arrived in four large boxes, and I was very happy when I saw the actual lights! The lights were very heavy and quality seemed very good!

I found an electrician the very next day to install them. I think I'm pretty happy with the results!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

We saw this sculpture of Lion eating a horse at the Getty Villa today. 


And here are some art works that convey a similar artistic expression I found in my house:)  

 Have you been to the Getty Villa? I enjoyed my visit very much today, especially the The Last Days of Pompeii exhibit. The art works were quite dramatic, it kept my heart going. I walked out of the exhibit wanting to read The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

After our museum visit, my husband and I were in search of a good burger joint. We were looking for parking when I spotted from pretty far away a beautiful Victorian little house situated among the monstrosities of modern apartment buildings. It just so happened that there was a parking space in front of it, so we parked our car and was going to head to our burger place when I saw a sign that said Angel's Attic. It was a dollhouse museum, and just our luck, it was open! For $8 per person, we had the most amazing experience, or at least I did. Since we were the only people there, we practically got a private tour. If you happen to be in Santa Monica, definitely give this place a try. It's well worth a visit. My jaw dropped just about when I walked into every room, the place is absolutely amazing!

We finished the day with a delicious and juicy burger from Umami's, and did a bit of shopping from Fred Segull next door, over all it was a great Saturday!

I was up very early yesterday morning baking scones. My idea? According to the beautiful cookbook, there's nothing in the world better than the smell of freshly baked goods in the morning. I got some wonderful smelling scones alright, but they all looked like pancakes! I guess I didn't start out right because I didn't even have measuring cups, well, I did, but I used it for gardening a while back. I shall try again sometime, but with proper measuring equipment!

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I'm going to learn a few baking recipes from this book. In my experience, learning a few good dishes like knowing the back of my hand can really come in handy!


Another book I'm reading, I picked it up while visiting my local museum. I think the language of art and music is very relateable. Granted that it's not going to help me become an artist, it will definitely help me to appreciate art better!

I abandoned my plans to cook dinner tonight because my dear neighbor gave me a jar of spaghetti meatball sauce. She cooks it once a year and this was the second time we received it. My husband and I licked the last drop from our jar last year, it was that good!

While I was writing my blog, Kelly was looking out the window while Fie Fie was sitting next to me. Today every doggy got a hair cut, and had raw chicken legs for breakfast and dinner. Starting tomorrow I'm going to seriously prepare them raw food instead of giving them just chicken legs!

This recipe looks wonderful, I will have to try it sometimes!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter is officially here. Last night it felt like the wind was going to blow the house away! My backyard is looking pretty sad right now with everything looking either dying or dead! I used to have a student friend telling me that plants seem to know when you want them or not. I think it's very true!


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