Sunday, January 26, 2014

There's one dog in my house who occasionally watches tv, and that's Fie Fie. He loves shows with birds, dogs, or animations. 

On the home front, we won't be staying at this house for much longer. The construction is wrapping up. What seems to be an impossibly difficult period is coming to an end. 
I have a few projects to finish up around the house. The bedroom ceiling fixture that I purchased from a salvaged yard was checked by an electrician and ready to go. I spent three solid evenings cleaning up about 90 years worth of accumulated gunk off of this fixture, it was well worth the effort though. I will have a few more projects posted in the coming week or so as I wrap things up! 

The product I used to clean the fixture is simichrome metal polish and cosmetic cotton pads, and cotton swabs for the intricate area.

Can you see the before and after difference?

This is a fixture made around 1920s. There is a switch to turn on every single light socket, and the area where the switches are is full of finger oil marks.  The details on the fixture really is quite amazing! I'd like to think of my own home as something very special as everyone like to think of their homes, and so it's only fitting that I put things in it that took time and effort to collect.

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