Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekends really are a divine intervention much needed to restore mankind's sanity.  First time in a long time I finally wind down much and had good food and good fun, and bothered with no stress.  My hubby and I took the boys to a nearby park for some fresh air and a long walk, and saw a movie in a real theatre for a change. 

I received this beautiful package in the mail over the weekend. Some people simply have such extraordinary talent to make beautiful things. I could never make beautiful wrappings like this in a million years, it makes me appreciate so much more the wonderful creativity of people around me.

Inside the package is this little gem, a art deco style necklace made of brass and peking glass. Up close the green glass has the most interesting marbling pattern. A very old and amazing piece!  Now off it goes to my small vintage necklace collection!

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