A quick and cheap kitchen makeover!

A year ago I wrote this post about disliking our "boob" kitchen light that came with the house. 

I then changed the light out with these beautiful ceiling lights from schoolhouse electric. They are big but they work in this space!  However, all that wood in the ceiling gives the kitchen too much of a 90s feel, it's as if we are living in a cabin!

I opted to remove the wooden panels in the breakfast nook area to give that short space another inch of height. Believe it or not, it made the space seemed bigger.

 The panel removed, exposing original yellow wall paper, and after the wall paper was taken down, we discovered rather crumbly plaster underneath, so off went the ceiling plaster!

Ta dah!

Brand new replastered kitchen nook ceiling. Nice and smooth! Yum!

As for the rest of wooden panel, I decided to have them painted. Somehow I really wanted to paint them in green.

The end result is quite good! It took out all that yellow tone out of my kitchen, so it is much brighter now. A happy place, if I may say so myself! A complete kitchen make over is beyond our budget right now. Ideally, I'd like to have new cabinets made complete with a vintage sink, but that will have to wait a while. However, I like the ceiling so much, I will be keeping it for a long long time!


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