Friday, February 7, 2014

A recap...

Over the past couple of days, the cabinet contractor brought in the newly made cabinets and had them fitted. We salvaged the cabinet doors with old 1920s wavy glass, as you know, I never throw away old glass, all the way down to the tiny brass hardware that came with the doors.
I thought this would be a good time to show case a bit of before and after, albeit the cabinets are not completely finished, it's 95% done.

Before... we took this picture spring of 2011, the day the previous owners cleared out of the house.

Then, on the fateful night of November 21, 2012, we discovered fire smoldering inside our chimney two days after we used the fireplace... you can find the story here.

 Those are THREE fire trucks parked in front of our house,  and firemen were plastered all over my house...

It then took us nearly a whole year to muddle through an ocean of insurance bureaucratic procedures to finally begin construction...

During... I will spare the rebuilt of our fireplace as I have posted plenty here!

And, after! As you can see, the baseboard and door knobs are still not installed yet, but everything else is done! That beat up cabinet is our old fireplace cabinet made of solid wood. It is identical to our new ones in design and material. We are not throwing it away, I'm planning to make a built-in bookcase in my pink room, and I will be salvaging these cabinets as my book shelf!

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