A few updates of my gardens, big and small!

This little fairy garden was one of the earlier ones that I made a little over two years ago. You can see my original post here.The tree used to be much leggier, and not so much miniature ivy on the fence. I used to go out in the backyard every single day wishing that the tree would get bigger.

In April of last year, this is how it looked! I always make small changes with accessories, but the tree and main structure stay the same!

And just like clock work, my miniature elm tree has sprung tiny new leaves! Exciting stuff!

In the big garden, my winter vegetables are thriving! This year, my good neighbor helped preparing the garden. He turned the soil thoroughly and suggested that I put in plenty of organic compost, unlike my failed previous attempts, this time it really worked!

I have been eating vegetable and herbs freshly plucked from the backyard. It's indeed very satisfying to grow your own food!


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