Monday, February 10, 2014

In search of the perfect dining table!

Back in January I wrote this post about our dining room situation. For the month of December and January, I have actually been hunting for a replacement dining table, preferably in antique style with six chairs and size 40 by 60. I had been looking on craiglists to see if anything popped up. Turned out, there were actually plenty of antique tables up for sale, but picking the right one? Not so easy!

These two sets were full dining sets complete with buffet, chairs, and china cabinet, unfortunately too many pieces for my small dining room, the style also didn't click with me!

 A pretty nice one with 8 chairs, I got all excited upon seeing the picture. The 8 chairs, however, were two separate sets of chairs that didn't match, also one chair had major repair! Table was also a bit too wide in size and wobbly, I had to pass!

And then there was this French table, hidden underneath a mountain of old dusty paperwork inside a huge warehouse. The lady stored many many pieces of unused furniture and her business inventory inside the warehouse, but there were no room for a walk way. Things were just stuffed all the way up to the door, we managed to dig a pathway through the appliances and made our way to the table, as you can see, I was determined!

It was another story for another day, but there were so many unused stunning antique furnitures that were almost all in bad shape. She had purchased them in the past but somehow they didn't work out, so they were just sitting around in this warehouse collecting dust.

The table didn't pass my "husband test," so it was a definite no!

Finally, at a antique shop I found the perfect table. It was sitting high up on top of another table covered in dust, I could see that it was diamond in the rough. I was excited!

Great color, solid table, six chairs, and wonderful carving details! Love it! I asked the owner to prepare the table and ready for me the pick up. The day I showed up at the store, the two inches thick of dust got cleaned off of the table top, and I discovered a huge patch in the middle of the dining table! It was a very bad repair job and I was absolutely crushed! 

After driving all over creation and found no luck on craiglist, I started wondering why I have not checked my own backyard. Well, not literally, but I live 2 minutes away from one of the biggest antique shopping community in California, why didn't I look THERE? Sure enough, on a casual morning walk, I finally got lucky this time!

I had these sitting in my garage for the past few weeks to wait for workers to clear out, today I moved them into the house, and I love how they turned out!  The table has six chairs and two pull out leaves, so it could either seat 6 or if we have guests we could easily seat 8 people at this table. More than enough for us on a daily basis! I believe these are 1940s furniture style, and I just love that little bit of history and character it adds to my home!

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