The next step after the installation of fireplace, was to repair wooden lath and plaster. Though a seemingly rather straight forward process, this was the part I had the most difficulties with. During the wood lath and plaster installation, I had to stop construction completely three times, forcing the contractor to re-do jobs that were not done right. As a note to home owners of older houses, wood lath is a 1920s technique that's not being done anymore, so having a plaster company telling you that they've got 30 years of working experience meant little if nothing at all.

The alcove in the picture was salvaged from demolition, then carefully placed back to the original place. I have two on either side of the wall, there are actually light fixtures inside!

( Back of the fireplace, also the inside of our master bedroom closet.)

 Knowing what a stickler I am, the contractor sent out their best guy!

Here's the master plasterer working his magic, aka "saving my life." This guy really is quite good, the plaster part of job was keeping me up at night, but once I saw his work, I went home and had a sound night of sleep!

As you can see, the similarity is quite amazing!

A final picture of the finished product, in my opinion the end result is stunning! It's as if nothing happened, so shhhhh, please don't tell our house that it has just went through a major surgery:)



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