Saturday, March 1, 2014

We are barely moved in, but my mind has wondered off to projects for other parts of our house already.  A few easy projects would be continuing to change out the remaining few lights in my house. 

A while ago I purchased a pair of these chandelier sconces for my office. They were purchased online and shipped to me from France.  A few weeks later I discovered this chandelier all covered in dust hanging in an antique shop near my house. The owner told me he imported this himself along with a container load of European antiques a few years back.

It's a bit difficult to tell from a shaky picture, but it's pretty much a match with my wall sconces.  What are the chances? I had to buy it because something tells me that this kind of good luck doesn't come around very often.

Yesterday I had it sent in to be rewired and cleaned.  I will have it back in a few weeks and hopefully have it hung up by an electrician. Sometimes it's truly a pain to have these old things polished up into working order, but that hasn't stopped me from buying them... yet. Friday for instance, I spent most of day driving around to find a good enough place to work on this chandelier, and I haven't even begin the next thing down my to do list. It was kind of fun though to hear the crystals tingling in the car while I was driving.

While I was at the lighting restoration shop, I picked up this antique cased glass shade. It might have been a shade for a bridge lamp, but I intend to find a fitter for it and install it in my guest bathroom ceiling. It's such a beautiful and unusual piece, every time I see it, it makes me smile!

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