Friday, August 29, 2014

If you ever had a chance to talk to my dog Fie Fie, he would tell you that my backyard is full of surprises, sometime it's a lizard, other times it's a really big lizard, or it could be a bird or squirrel too, it often keep him entertained for hours at a time. Today while I was moving this big jade plant around, I discovered a few pieces of leaves poking out from the planter. I thought it was some kind of weed, but it wasn't until I pulled a leaf out I noticed bulbs at the base of the leaves

I instantly recognized that it was an orchid! Now I have no idea how orchids multiply, but I bought the same type of orchid from the nursery a while ago, and it has the most exotic flowers, so you can imagine how I happy I was when another one grew out from a planter on its own! 

Here's a better picture of the leaves, how exciting! I hope it will bloom soon! Now this discover to me is almost exciting as Fie Fie discovering a big lizard!

I purchased a crab apple tree in the winter hoping to use it in my fairy gardens, turned out, it was just a bit too big for fairy gardens, and I didn't fertilize it until a week ago. This week suddenly I found flowers on it, so this is how crab apple flowers look like, consider the fruit is very small, these flowers are quite big!

My miniature pomegranate fruit is almost ready for the fairies!

I repotted this fairy garden today because the old wood planter fell apart. This one doesn't look too bad!

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