Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I bought these Bakelite bracelets a few months back, and I wear them from time to time. Personally I love these elastic bracelets , they are so funky and cheery at the same time. If I could help it, I'd like to have  different ones to wear my out fit with everyday.

I made plans to read these three Faulkner novels in the next few weeks. These were renewed edition by the writer himself from 1959.   We are at the hottest month of the year again, it has been heat wave after  heart wave for the past two weeks here. A few days ago my neighborhood had a power outage because everyone was blasting  their AC. All of a sudden for several hours I did not have access to computer or tv,  I didn't even have any light, so I lit a candle and made myself a simple dinner and ate while reading a book. It was the most blissfully quiet evening I've had in years, no background noise from any device, it was so relaxing and I enjoyed a good read and had a very good evening. It made me think how easily my quality of life could be improved if I just read a good book and stay off electronics for a while! 

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