Thursday, November 13, 2014

About six months ago a friend of mine came to visit and brought me a small orchid flower, it was so tiny and blooming flowers. After the first blooms finished though, the stem grew a Keiki "baby orchid," on top.  I'm still not sure when I want to cut it and plant in it's own pot, but it looks so cool just like that isn't it?

This is another one of my recently acquired orchid, I saw the beautiful large leaves and had to have it.

These orchids are not blooming, but they are quite happy bathing in the sun on my window sill.  I water them weekly and fertilize about once a month. I have a feeling that these will re-bloom soon!

A unrelated picture, but pretty things non the less. These are old old jewelry that I've had for a really long time, especially the ring, I've had it for maybe ten years? I grew out of it for a few years, moved in and out of many places but never managed to lose the ring, it's like it was purposefully following me. This morning I noticed these two pieces together on my jewelry stand and decided to wear them again.  Aren't these colorful stones delicious?

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