Friday, November 21, 2014

I didn't realize what a impressive array of orchids I have throughout the house until last night when I took them all to the kitchen counter for watering and misting. 

These beautiful orchids can be purchased very cheaply from Trader Joe's, the grocery store actually carry a good variety of orchids, and they don't just sell Phalaenopsis orchids either.  These two orchids attracted me because the flowers are simply so perfect, and the leaves look absolutely gorgeous and healthy!

I pulled this vintage table out from the garage today because I thought this might be a better location for some of my house plants. This was a space for a breakfast nook in the olden times, you know, like back in the 1920s when my house was built, since I haven't got my hands on that project yet, these plants can temporarily lodge here for now, we will see how they do!

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