Monday, December 1, 2014

I ran a marathon of Christmas decoration this weekend. The weather was cloudy and rainy, perfect day to drink coffee and work on Christmas projects! I made two sets of wreath and garlands from scratch, decorated three trees and touched up various small projects around the house!

 The wreath and garland lights up! Overall I'm quite proud of myself for pulling this stuff together!

Here's a recap of the first tree I decorated this year! A small two ft white Christmas tree with lights.

Last night I went out and picked out a tree, I was set on getting a real tree because they smell so nice! I don't drag a big tree home by myself anymore, instead I pay 20 bucks to have it delivered. This morning the tree showed up around 10:30 and right away I got my hands on decorating it!

Finally, who's glittering next to Peter Rabbit and his mom?

Mr. Christmas tree no. 3 of course!

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