Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Some more decorating pictures from rest of the house other than my living room!  For the dining room this year I bought this gorgeous silk flower arrangement from Michaels. This came from pre Black Friday sale with 75% discount, since their sale was so good this year, the location I go to has pretty much been emptied out the week after Thanks Giving.

It's just a all around gorgeous flower arrangement! I will be displaying it around Christmas for many years to come! The tall candle holder was a wedding gift from Pottery Barn from three years ago, I added in two candle tea lights with a Christmas theme.

I know I've posted this wreath before but here's another look of the wreath I made myself!

For the bedroom this year I put out these red ornament cones on top of the dresser, I bought several of them in different color this year because I absolutely love them!

I also have matching red ornament wreath to go with my cones! These gorgeous decorations are from Target and I think Fie Fie approves!

For the tv room I have a white Christmas tree and I changed out my regular pillows with red and white snow flake pillows. I hope to find maybe one or two nice pillows that would match these ones next year. The white Christmas tree came from Walmart, they had quite a selection of nice and cheap Christmas trees this year, I absolutely love this one! I'm hoping to find a pink tinsel tree next year if I'm lucky, but this year I didn't see any at the store:(

I love this tree topper from Target, it matches the polka dot ribbon and the colors of my ornaments, and it is glittery!

For my book shelf I changed out my usual display and decorated with vintage deer and ornaments. I like to put colorful Christmas tree ornaments in jars as a simple display. The pink glass jewelry box holds most of my bakelite jewelry collection!

I took this picture of my Christmas tree several years ago and now it's the perfect time to display it!

How about a USB charged Christmas tree?  The paw print in the picture frame belong to Bobby, that's the one item I will be saving if my house was catching on fire. again. 

Some more of the Christmas ornament wreath and cone!

Finally, my doggies make my house officially a happy place to be:)

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