Friday, December 5, 2014

These are some of my favorite ornaments this year.  It's always a nice surprise when I dig my ornament boxes out of the storage around this time of the year to find beautiful ornaments that I had already forgotten about.  I found this cupcake in a cake stand ornament years ago and it's truly one of my favorite.  With each year passing I simply love it more!

This beautiful Santa Clause ornament is a new one I acquired this year.  It was a deeply discounted but high quality ornament that you would never find in the big box stores. The ornament came in careful packaging in a heavy box, it's glass made in Poland and I'm impressed with its color, quality and detail every time I see it!

This one cracks me up, I have a knitting basket just like this one, so how could I not own a knitting basket ornament?

Also, I love snowman ornaments of all sorts. The soft and big snowman was spotted by Fie Fie when I first took it out of the bag, he had already sifted through my ornaments this year and stole several soft fluffy teddy bear or snowman ornaments, however he was particularly fixated on THIS snowman and cried non stop whenever he got near the tree. Finally when my big fluffy teddy bear wants a small soft snowman I just had to give in, the snowman was sadly murdered within an hour.  Luckily I found a backup at Michaels, thank goodness for Black Friday discounts!

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