Monday, February 9, 2015

Have you ever seen a baby praying mantis? I had never seen one before tonight, and then I found one while watering one of my African Violets, the big dark green shiny leaves had a tiny praying mantis that's thinner than a hair, well almost.  It was laying there belly up and did not look too good, so I gently scooped it up on my finger tip and took it outside. While wondering what would be a good place to leave it, I decided that the best place would be one of my fairy gardens!

I picked a red petal off a flower and left the praying mantis on it, and placed some fallen maple leaves around the flower petal to provide it some shelter.

 I think my miniature gardens would be a absolute wonderland for real fairies, however praying mantis looks pretty darn close!

Besides being in my beautiful garden, there's this puppy watching over the surroundings, he would be happy to have a guest visit!

Then there's this kitty, who sometimes tip toes on the grass or sometimes peeking out on top of the house!

Here's a close up of a temporary praying mantis house, I hope this little guy pulls through!

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