Saturday, February 21, 2015

I received this orchid from my friend last year, it's grown a baby orchid on top after the blooms fell off. Recently the baby orchid started blooming flowers again, but it seems like the flower spike is taking way too much energy from both of the orchid plants, so I've decided to cut off the flower and separate the two orchids into two different pots.

Here it is, the baby orchid now is in a plastic container. I cut off the flower spike in hope that more energy will go towards helping the new orchid adapt and grow healthy!  Let's hope it will get bigger and stronger in a few months!

 Remember my post when this Chinese elm tree had almost no leaves? Well, a new head of "hair" has grown out for this little fellow now!

And a fairy is resting and looking into the koi pond under the giant Chinese elm tree:)

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