Lately I have been experiencing quite a lot of stress from work, sometimes even I am surprised how quickly it could effect my over all health.  I'm slowly learning how to make adjustments so that I could relieve and manage the stress and living better quality life!

Now when I'm back home from a long stressful day of work, I try to leave it at the door and completely relax my mind.

Either I watch a great tv show, read a good book, soak in the bath, or drink a pot of delicious herbal tea, or all of the above! 

 Of course my doggies give me a lot of love too!

When I water my plants and breathing in some fresh cool air in my backyard at night, I'm very thankful that I have this space to relax and be myself. I cannot imagine any kind of outside trouble is worthy of bringing them into this peaceful little corner of the world that belongs to me.  


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