I bought this orchid couple of years ago at a farmer's market, it never re-bloomed for me and the crown is somewhat twisted so the top new leaf growth kept breaking off. However it survived my beginner orchid caring which is HUGE! Recently a spike came up and it is producing a few flowers, even though still somewhat meager, I was already too excited to see the orchid under my care has not only survived but is blooming.  Since I haven't seen this orchid flower for so long, this morning was the first time I got to see it, sometimes I forget what the bloom look like!

This is another orchid I bought while I was living in a rental house while my house was under construction from the chimney fire.

Again after keeping it somewhat alive for two years, it finally managed to having flower buds coming out! I don't know what I did, but it's working:)

Another update of my rootless cattleya orchid from yesterday! Per a orchid nursery lady's advice, I am now keeping this orchid in a shadier part of my house with no watering except gently misting the leaves.  Finger crossed that new roots will grow out soon!


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