Friday, April 24, 2015

Over the past year I have truly become a fan of orchids. Getting a couple of long time orchids of mine to bloom really helped increase my interest as well, besides, I can't think of any plants that can thrive indoors that are nearly as beautiful and have as many different variety!

Surprisingly, this miniature orchid is my absolutely favorite one so far! I am going to really miss the flowers when the blooms are over. It's a miniature orchid, the leaves are quite small, but with a thin spike and large heavy flowers, it forms a natural arch!

A while ago I wrote this post about one of my grocery store cattleya orchids had all the roots rotted away. I trimmed off all the rotted parts and re-potted it along with a few other orchids in similar condition.

Now a little more than a month later, ta-dah! I've got healthy green roots growing out!

It's such a big deal for me, I proudly show this orchid to anyone who comes to my house!

I was also lucky to find another cattleya orchid from the grocery store the other day, except now I'm not as nervous about taking care of it!

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