Monday, April 6, 2015

There's no where else that relax me like my own home, especially when princess Kelly pose like a white burrito!

My orchid collection is ever growing. The ones not in bloom are not as exciting on picture but I enjoy watching new leaves and roots growing out just as much as I enjoy the flower. Anyhow, back to my flowers, I had a pinkish purple one like this a few months ago that had lush green leaves, but it died right away after purchase, I suspect it was the leaf shine product that the employee sprayed on it right before I took it home. This one is a younger orchid but the blooms are just as incredible!  With some loving care hopefully I will get beautiful lush green leaves too!

Here's another orchid with medium sized white flowers. Not all whites are the same, I have one with large flowers and a young green color in the middle, and one with yellow color in the center, I've wanted one with a pink center color and found this gorgeous orchid with pink, yellow and purple pattern in the middle! The flowers are not quite big but it's got double spikes, hopefully that means I will continue to get double spikes in my future blooms too!

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