I was eating my lunch alone sitting by a pool today when I noticed a baby lizard floating in the pool right in front of me.  It was not moving at all, and judging by the size of the pool, I'm guessing that it had fell and could not climb its way back up.  I grabbed a net near by and fished it out of water, it was completely soft and dead, I flipped it on its back and flipped on its belly and the poor little thing was not responsive at all.  I wish I had seen it a bit earlier to save its life!  I left it on the ground and covered the baby lizard with a big leaf, a few minutes later I came back to check on it, it was still dead.  Then I went about doing other things for half an hour, and remembered about the little lizard again, I went back to check on it, surprisingly, it opened eyes and got up on its four feet!

I could not believe my eyes and went back in to grab my phone, by the time I got my phone it was still there so I took a couple of pictures.  I gently poked the little lizard and it swiftly moved away and after pausing for a bit, it eventually ran off.  This small event truly made my day, it sort of makes me feel like, you know, sometimes we are doing just the right thing at the right moment no matter how small they are!


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