Recently I've been really into exploring corky new places on my own, I hop in my car and just let imagination takes me to wherever.  It's such a luxury to be able to have the free time to enjoy life... not mentioning then having the time to blog about it!  Honestly the whole of last year I had very little of such time and whenever I do get to do something fun I whole heartedly love it!  And is that the most rad dressing room door ever or what?  Look closely, they are made of vintage refrigerator doors!

After my mini exploration, a bowl of hot pho noodle soup and then a little piece of chocolate!  It takes less than 20 bucks to keep me happy!


  1. Oh! I love that vintage shop in Long Beach! The name escapes me right now, but I've been there! And how could I forget you also live in Orange County! How have our paths not crossed!?


    1. Hey Janey, that store is called Meow on 4th:) I know right? I've been following your blog since before you moved to OC so what a coincidence hehe! I'm sure we'll run into each other at one of these totally awesome vintage places, hope you are enjoying life in Orange County!


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