I found this picture of Kelly from 6 years ago.  I remember around that time she was just recovering from the trauma of being on the streets and her flaming red belly was getting to a normal color and all the matted hair that was shaved off had begun to grow back.  She also started barking and playing, usually after a dinner of chicken leg and kibble we would play catch under and around my piano.

This is also when I became a dog food hobbyist and started reading article and books on all sorts of dog food recipes.

Now a days she is a sophisticated dog lady who enjoys napping all day long, an hour of barking at 5:30pm sharp, is a connoisseur of chicken jerky, and has a relentless passion for fine cuisine.

With Halloween approaching, I felt obligated to decorate my house, but with everything else that must be done I simply did not have that much energy to be directed toward decorating.  I did haul out my old pumpkin lamps and spider string light, and that is about as far as I will go this year... maybe.


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