Saturday, October 15, 2016

I spent yesterday hanging around in LA, I visited a coffee shop and sat down for some lemonade and waffle. The bar happened to have some actual news papers, which was quite nice.  When was the last time anyone read the news on paper?  It felt really nice!  A small luxury indeed! This made me do a search to see if the major news outlets still deliver papers, in fact they do, and I think I might just subscribe to it!

I also visited Unique-Vintage in Burbank, this was my first time in the store and I loved it! They had some horror flick sound track playing in the back ground and Halloween themed dresses.  I was more interested in just the vintage style clothing.  Since I had to work in business setting I wanted something that could pass off as office wear.  I found a few dresses that I liked, the most amazing part was that the material felt like real vintage fabric made back in the day, not flimsy at all! If you haven't been to the shop I highly recommend it!

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