I had been working for weeks without a break and I was utterly exhausted.  Today I got a break and it happen to be raining heavily and I was in heaven!

I took Fie Fie to the dog park and after I dropped him off at home I went to explore new shops and areas, something I haven't done in a long time!  I finally found a knitting group that I think I will enjoy and checked out some holiday decorations and put up my Christmas tree.  I also ate ramen at Mitsuwa and walked around in the bookstore.  I have so many knitting books and projects that were gathering dust, now that I found a knitting group I feel like they are coming back to life.

My conclusion at end of day was that a human being needs rest, and that's all I have to say about that!

At night I cooked dinner for the pups,  and Kelly after having had her warm meal on a cold day was particularly happy.  Whenever she's in a super good mood she picks up a fluffy bear, and squeaks and show me that she's got a bear.  It's very special because Kelly usually has no interest in games or toys, so I always thinks it's super funny when she brings one to the sofa or her bed.


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