Thursday, June 29, 2017

On the weirder side of me, on occasion I like to get a tarot card reading.  Maybe once or twice a year, and I go in to see some random psychics and have them tell me some things that I could totally tell myself, you need more exercise, eat healthier, some opportunity will come up in the next few years, a wild handsome beast is in your future type of thing, etc., etc.  I suppose people go in for no more reason other than to see if their fortune or health will improve in the near future, and I seek these answers just the same.  There's a bit more to it though.

It sort of started maybe a decade ago when I was still trying to better my piano playing skills and I met this teacher from Russia, she was this eccentric lady that was quite independent and full of adventurous spirit.  She lived in this big old ugly apartment complex that upon first impression looked like a stuccoed ship.  The whole structure felt oppressive, and when I got close enough I just felt like it was collapsing on me.  Once you were in the unit though it wasn't all that bad, it had a long balcony which over looked lots of trees and she lived there on her own with a small grand piano.   In all honesty she wasn't all that great of a teacher but I liked her personality and we cracked up way too many jokes for the lessons to be productive.  She told a lot of fascinating stories of her life back in Russia and chain smoked a lot, there was always some film noir playing on her grand old tv and somehow the whole set up was very comforting for me.

On my break she always made this special Armenian coffee, which was basically boiled coffee grounds with lots of sugar, sometimes she had food stocked in the fridge and then she would feed me too, but the coffee was really special as this was something very exotic to me and it was always a special treat.  On many occasions she had a friend who would joined us during our coffee break, it was an elderly lady and she looked like a legitimate witch from those fairytale movies that ate little children.  After I drank my cup she would flip the cup over and then read my fortune, and to great accuracy too.  Something about a table full of ladies talking about nonsense was a lot of fun, and while I no longer take piano lessons from anyone, this tradition sort of carried on with me.

Recently I found a stylish psychic lady whom her friend had let me in were in her 70s.  She looked so radiant and stylish and gave advice like she really had seen the world, and it was always a lot of fun. Nowadays I could have weird people sitting at my dinner table eating cake and drinking wine all night long, it's a nice break from the harsh reality and the 9 to 5 world.  Lately I have been thinking that life is so short and it is really fleeting right before my eyes, so if I want to be weird I should be weird, and if I want to work less I should work less.  After all no matter what fortune is foretold, life is going to be bittersweet, but willingness to experience it all is that makes it truly golden.

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