Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My favorite type of accessory is a statement brooch pinned to a simple outfit, the result of watching a lot of classic movies or movies set in the 1930s or 1940s period.  There are so many good examples of vintage pins made during this time and they always seem to have amazing quality and tell a story on their own.

Over the years I have started a small collection of pins for myself, once a month or two or whenever I have a little cash left over after bills are paid I would get myself a little brooch, sort of like collecting stamps. The one that started it all was this little brooch only about an inch and half in size.  It was the first brooch I ever bought back in 2012 while on a trip to Paris.  There was a little boutique in St. Germain that sold beautiful custom jewelry.  I remember taking a long time in the shop not sure which ones to pick.  The shop assistant was quite patient with me and explained what color fit me the best and etc.  etc.  Finally I picked out a couple pairs of earrings and decided to try out some brooches on display.  The lady brought out a few for me to try on and I immediately refused the bigger ones afraid that it might be too much for my petite frame, finally she commented that the smaller ones were good choices for everyday wear so I picked the smallest one there was.  To this day it is still one of my favorite because it reminded me of everything wonderful in Paris! 

I also really love insect themed brooch.  I remember seeing this bumble bee pin on the show Mad Men many years back, it was so unique and I was always on the lookout to see if I could find one for sale somewhere, and just by pure luck a year later I found it online for a little over $10.  It's accompanied me to many long work hours and meetings and looks like a little pet perched on my jacket! 

Nowadays I love all kinds of floral, animal or insect pins.  Some of my weirdest pin include this large enameled lobster that held a few water bubbles between its claws.  It's always a conversation starter, me and my friends have made endless jokes whenever I wore it!  They really help to create a interesting style to my outfits and bring me back to a time that seemed more glamorous.  I always thought my love for fashion would fade as I become more grown up but it turned out to be something that I love even more with time passing.  Whatever I do in life, be it working on a job or spending time with good friends or helping out at community events, I always like to be intentional and wear something I love and feel special in, it may seem a bit petty but they do make life more interesting! 

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