Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Can't complain on a day when you get delicious coffee and a casual card reading.  I saw a large flock of hummingbird while sitting outside, it was a particularly beautiful morning to just relax and hang out with friends. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

I've had this orchid for at least three years if not more.  It never bloomed for me all this time and I pretty much give up on hoping that it would eventually bloom.  Well, a couple of months ago I saw a sheath developing and it gave me some hope, however the sheath did not have a flower bud emerging for a LONG time.  I have not seen flower buds that took so long to grow.  Finally the last couple weeks or so things seem to have taken some momentum and I finally saw the flower bud taking shape and then a single blooming orchid.

It was definitely a lot of excitement to see the flower blooming, and even a little bit of success felt very rewarding!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

I spent a good amount of energy on health and fitness this year, it's definitely not been easy trying to get fit after many years slacking off exercising.  A couple of months ago I decided to try hiking with some friends, and after I got the right shoes it took me about two months to finally put myself to action.  I drove out early in the morning today and did my very first six mile hike in Newport Coast.  There's a lot of excitement to be up early and meet with friends for outdoor activity especially on the weekend while everyone else is still pretty much asleep. 

Being outdoor in nature for a few hours did wonders to relax my mind, I also never thought I could hike for six miles in one go.  Sometimes it's all about keeping your own pace and expand your abilities one day at a time!   

Friday, June 15, 2018

This is the first year I actually picked up a beach towel at Target, I also keep a pair of flip flops in my car always in case I have a couple hours freed up for an impromptu visit to the beach.  Sometimes a whole year went by without me making a single trip to the beach, it's such a shame to live so close by the ocean and not take advantage of it.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I've had this grill for maybe seven years and only used it for about three times total.  It sat at the corner of the backyard unused for the last six years and eventually the climbing ivy from nearby wrapped several times around it. The cover that was once used to at least offer some protection for the grill eventually completely disintegrated.  It became kind of a scary sight to behold and also pretty sad to be honest because it worked so well and did some amazing BBQ.

The BBQ grill wasn't the only thing that had fell into desperate disrepair over the years.  My backyard was also littered with dead plants and planters that were no longer in use.  Outdoor furnitures that had rotted beyond repair, fountains that didn't pump out water and a giant jacaranda tree that lifted the entire backyard along with the house.  It was as if when things were stressful, nothing good deserved to happen at home either.

After cutting down the tree and doing two rounds of deep clean out giving away what I could and throwing out what I couldn't, I figure it was time to tackle the BBQ grill.  Getting a new one could be much more expensive than trying to repair it, I decided to see if the grill could be fixed. 

It was kind of a crazy feeling when the crew showed up and pulled this thing out of its dead spot that it had been parked in for the last whole solid six years, it was too scary to watch but I couldn't look away.

Turned out I still had some propane left in the tank, and about 1/3 of it no less!  After fixing a broken igniter and deep cleaning and scrapping off the ivy roots, what was salvaged was actually a complete grill, less some paint that flaked off, the grill cleaning dude got all the parts working beautifully.

Currently it's sitting in a new spot in the driveway next to a bunch of stuff from my third round of clean out.  For mine and the pups' dinner I opened a pack of chicken breast, prepped with a little bit of olive oil and spice and went to town with the grilling.  Once the chicken was cooked and the whole backyard got filled with amazing aroma, the first thought that popped in my head was what the hell was I thinking not even using it once for all this time. 

The pups got so excited about the chicken, Bella nearly tripped me over the stairs.  I cooked a small piece for myself as well and the result was as good as I remembered.  I ate mine along a glass of wine and the pups' with some lightly cooked veggie and kibble.  Dinner time was blissfully quiet and smelled amazing at the house today.  Hard to believe something as small as fixing a broken grill brought me so much excitement, other than proving that there really isn't a whole lot going on with my life, I think it really meant that the simple things are that matter the most!  After all, how many things ARE better than a good meal at the comfort of one's home?  

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Well, I'm back after a long hiatus!  With the weather being so beautiful here in Southern California, I really wanted to do some gardening and thought it would be nice to document it with a few pictures.

Recently I discovered that a local nursery I frequently visited actually had some pretty knowledgeable staff.  I was told that a good way to replenish depleted soil was to work a good amount of compost into the soil and then top it off with mulch so that it would eventually disintegrate into the soil, after that, follow a once every three month fertilizing schedule. 

I have a raised flower bed outside a window in the backyard.  It used to grow nothing because it was heavily shaded under a jacaranda tree.  A few months ago the tree sadly had to be removed because the roots were crawling under the house and spreading out to the entire backyard.  After the tree was gone I suddenly got a good amount of morning sunlight that I never had before so I figure I could give it another try.  

It took a lot of effort to loosen up the soil and mixed the compost in and I only did half of the flower bed in one go.  After that I gave the soil a good soak of water and planted a beautiful pink hydrangea that would eventually grow to 4 to 6 feet tall. 

I also found this geranium plant at the nursery that smells like cheap fake citronella dish soap, however the foliage is pretty and flower is very dainty, also it's suppose to repel mosquito with this scent, so I bought one and planted in the flower bed as well. 

The second half of the flower bed will just have to wait for another day when I muster up enough energy to dig in dirt again!  After that I will top it off with a layer of mulch!

After a long day of work and gardening it's time to relax into the evening. I love burning this palo santo cone as a natural way to scent the house but also bring good energy into my living space.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

I've had a plant table in my family room for a few years now, sometimes I like to change things up a bit, but usually I have my orchids and pretty crystals that I've collected over the years.  Even the flower pots are painstakingly handpicked one at a time.  Flowers bring a lot of joy to me, they are like good friends that are easy to get along with.  

Friday, December 29, 2017

I've been cleaning and decluttering like mad for the past couple of days hoping to get my house in order in time for new years.  I like this sort of thing where comes new year and I try to re-set everything and get my new year resolutions in order and try to fix broken things around the house and do some deep cleaning.  I'd like to think that if you start new year right, the rest of the year good things will follow.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

My Christmas tree this year is in pink, this is pretty much all the Christmas decoration I have, mainly because I don't want to deal with putting them back when the holidays are over.  This tree though, I think it's perfectly fine to keep up until after Valentine's Day since it's all over sparkly and pink!

I'm lucky that the pups have left the tree alone so far, I guess Fie Fie doesn't mind the tree at all! 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

I've wanted an antique centerpiece like this one for years but the prices anywhere was so prohibitive that for a long time it remained on my wish list.  Recently I found one locally that didn't have the glass bowl on top.  I suppose the glass bowl could easily be damaged during a move and if you find a seller that's just downsizing, one can be found for a tiny fraction of the market cost. I paid about two hundred bucks for mine, nothing compared to the going price but still a solid sum for about two weeks of groceries for me.  I borrowed the glass top from another piece but I think the fit is pretty good.  An alternative option might be a glass bowl from an antique bride basket, the fit and shape might fit.  Anyhow, this is the poor girl's version of fancy dining, I will need to serve cup ramen to go with this centerpiece for a while.

The first time I saw one on display was at the Sydney Living Museum blog here. I thought the leaves and deer was so whimsical and unique,  I had never seen anything quite like it!  I sure wish people still dined so elegantly!

Back to my little new found treasure, I love the deer on my piece, it's lovely and has no damage for something that's so old.

I tried it with a pair of candelabras and I actually liked the look.  Now I'm really looking forward to a small dinner party with a few friends!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

With holiday parties abound this month I thought I'd share my favorite custom jewelry piece of the moment.  This vintage flower brooch is a recent find and blooms beautifully at over 6 inches tall.  I wore it to a party last night with a simple black outfit and everyone seemed to love the brooch.

Here's another picture I snapped while in my car when I got to the venue, the rhinestones and pearls have such an amazing sparkle and is incredibly dimensional, it really helped adding some glamour to my otherwise plain Jane outfit.  I love this 1940s idea of a statement brooch, it's so fabulous yet I wonder why this trend has never really caught on.  

Can't complain on a day when you get delicious coffee and a casual card reading.  I saw a large flock of hummingbird while sit...