Friday, May 12, 2017

It's hard to believe that I literally dropped off the face of earth for about two month, but that's what happens when things get busy.  I have to admit, when I'm working a lot there really is not much interesting things to post on my blog, it's just me doing the rounds between work and home, and if time allows then I have house chores to keep up with and dogs to take care of.  It's very easy to slide into a constant state of mundane and forget to have a bit of quality in life as well.

I have a small collection of vintage custom jewelry, mostly pins from 1940s that I found at antique malls or online for a fraction of what they are worth. I've been wearing them more often lately, these vintage jewelry are the highlights I have during the day.  They came from a more opulent past, wearing them is like wearing a small piece of history, and I like to think my life has some connection to it because of these jewels.

I'm looking forward to add a bit more interest to my life and get back to some of my favorite activities like kitting and cooking, it seems that if I don't make an effort things just skip through the cracks and nothing but work happens!

Friday, March 17, 2017

I've been working on Spring cleaning for the past few days, I had several months of running myself rugged over work so it was a much needed change of pace.  I took out bags and bags of clothes, shoes that don't fit right and purses I never wore and gave them away to Goodwill.  It feels like I still got a long way to go but it sure feels nice to unload.  My goal is to clean out one bag of stuff a day, and sometimes I get really into it I would do more.  There is something about focusing on what I own rather than how I live that simply don't sit well with me anymore.  I feel like the less things I have the simpler and better I can live, so hopefully purging extra clutter is going to help me live more purposefully!

A few weeks ago I found a super nice dog bed for very cheap, the quality was amazing so I got it for my doggies, dog beds are actually something that's in constant demand at my house, they just wear out after a year or so and I usually keep one or two beds in almost every room of my house to keep my pups comfortable. But as soon as I walked out of the shop I saw this homeless guy with his dog ready to spend the night outside in the cold.  He had a large black plastic bag filled with either blanket or clothing and that became the makeshift bed for the pup while he just sat on concrete himself.  The pup had a leash on and actually looked well cared for.  I just couldn't watch it so I ripped off the tag and gave the brand new bed to that little dog.  The doggie jumped in immediately, it was a really cold night and hopefully having a real bed helped him to keep warm.  

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I found this old picture of Uggie from a few years back, wasn't he just super adorable?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

I got invited to a small dinner party last night and the food and drink was amazing.  I've been slacking off of work the past few days because I needed a break, and sometimes it's fine to get some rest when you need one.

I did some organizing around the house, which is always a huge task for me and worked on the backyard.  It's amazing what treasure one can find buried deep in the closet, I found this whole outfit that I completely forgot existed and there was more, safe to say I can shop in my own closet for a while now!  

Friday, February 10, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I rescued two dogs off a heavily trafficked street, thinking that their family would come looking for them at the shelter, I went to my local vet to arrange for a pick up.  It turned out that one of the neighbors in my area recognized the dogs and told me which house they came from, and after owner denied that they ever had dogs it was pretty apparent that they didn't want their pups back.  Before I knew it, one of them was adopted out, and this one was left as a rescue only because one day after she was spayed, someone tried to pet her and almost got bitten.

I hadn't seen the pup for two weeks and decided this morning to see how she was holding up, and she was not doing well at all because she got placed at the back where there was extra fence before the cage and no one could approach her.  She sat there looking like a completely changed puppy, broken spirited, solemn and sad, and the sight really broke my heart.

Luckily I have been in contact with a local rescue and they were ready to pull her out any minute, and after making a phone call, the rescue lady kindly met me at the shelter and helped me pull the puppy out.

I thanked the rescue lady and went on our way home.  Honestly these days I can hardly afford to take care of myself, it's a very bad time in my life right now but I can't turn a blind eye on helpless puppies.  My own experiences back in the days of having no money and nowhere to go but wondering empty streets in my car or crashing over night on school benches were really deeply felt experiences and I somehow can related to these homeless puppies.  For a day I forgot about my own headache and frustrations, I went out and got a collar and a tag for the pup and cooked a little bit extra food for dinner.

We don't have all the supplies yet, but she's got a name and a collar and a full belly, so far so good!

Kelly seems to be doing ok with another girl in the house.  She is probably used to my non-sense by now...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Saturday, January 28, 2017

One of my new year resolution is learning how to cook Chinese food.  I've made a couple of dishes so far and they turned out good!  Last night I made dumplings and braised pork belly, both came out pretty delicious!  Not a bad new year resolution to put on the list at all!  


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