I haven't disappeared from the face of earth yet but I have been super busy. Between going to school, preparing for quizzes, exams, doing homework, teaching, doing house chores, jury duty, practicing the piano, taking care of a puppy dog, trying to stay in shape and working out at least couple times a week, there really isn't any time left for anything else. It's been such a long while since I lug out my high heel shoes and lipsticks and eye liners that I have no idea where they are hiding in the house anymore. I'm beginning to feel it might be a bit too much to do so many different things and still try to do well on all of them, it's really hard to make the switch one minute from being a piano student playing Gaspard de la nuit and next to a piano teacher of little kids and the next? Thinking about volume and spending variances and come up with a cash budget! Oh, how I wish to have a single care free day when I can worry over nothing and just relax!


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