Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I don't know what world Bobby was from but where ever he had been he was not trained to walk on a leash. Kelly never had this problem, she naturally was just the best dog in the world, but, Bobby always pulled like a manic when I try to walk him, that was two dogs at once pulling their leashes at different directions, with several times a day he'd yank the leash out of my hand and chase after a cat or a squirl, directly across the street,with cars coming right at him, and so I decided to ask the internet for help. After reading a few articles on how to train puppy on a leash, we set out for practice.
It amazed me so much that all it took was a 20 minute session with me and him stop walking together when he pulled and constantly praising him when he did good, and now he is like a totally different dog. I can't believe how much he is willing to please me and try to do what I want him to do, and how smart he really is if I take the time to teach him.  Once again, the internet has saved our lives, I feel so good that my little doggy is finally learning to behave!

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