Friday, January 6, 2012


Baked my very first cake EVER last night! I had no idea that baking takes so much time, since I started nearly at 8pm, I had a cake right around midnight. Learning how to bake isn't on my new year resolution, but it's something I wanted to learn but never got to before. I think it's well worth the effort. As with everything, the more I practice, it will become a lot easier. I've got some grand baking plans brewing, now, who will eat the cake? I don't really eat desserts!


  1. Looks amazing! I'll eat some! :)
    I love making cupcakes - I just got the martha stewart cupcake book and want to make everything in it!! Cupcakes are nice too because if there are just two people at home you can give them to your friends or freeze them for later. :)

  2. Thank you Cassie! And please do!:) I love cupcakes too, and I didn't know you could freeze them!!! I'm thinking maybe macaroons should be next!



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