Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Aside from a pair of shoes I got as a Christmas gift, I haven't purchased a single article of clothing for over five months. I somehow lost interest in clothes when I picked up fairy gardening, and it was a exchange that served me better. When I'm gardening all I need is some used clothes that don't mind getting dirty and a good pair of rain boots. It also prompted me to finally get rid of another 16 handbags, 20 or so pairs of shoes and bags of clothes that I no longer wear. It felt really nice to shed things that weighed me down, and gave me a feeling that I was moving on with life. Now that I have a clean slate, maybe it's about time to build a newer and better wardrobe? I think so! It starts with this cute vintage bag. I looked for it for a long time but never could find in the exact style and color until a few days ago. It's perfect in every way, even better because it only costed $25 and I know I will wear it til it falls apart!

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