I did a little bit of shopping for dogs and got Kelly a new bed. My favorite place to buy pet beds is in Ross. Sure it doesn't come with any fancy brand names and all that, but for $15 you get a super comfy bed, throw in another $6 for a plush soft baby blanket, and Kelly is in heaven.

People who own pets know that dogs have a wide range of emotions. I don't know about other dogs, but Kelly definitely loves it when I break my bank on her. When I put new clothes on her, something in her stride transforms and she instantly looks confident and happy. Somehow she knows that the new bed is better than the old one, so without me showing her, she jumps into the new bed on her own.  I really haven't bought much for her for a while other than food and treats lately. Come to think of it, I should go back to giving her some "fashion" treats once in a while...


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