Thursday, January 3, 2013


I'm going to learn a few baking recipes from this book. In my experience, learning a few good dishes like knowing the back of my hand can really come in handy!


Another book I'm reading, I picked it up while visiting my local museum. I think the language of art and music is very relateable. Granted that it's not going to help me become an artist, it will definitely help me to appreciate art better!

I abandoned my plans to cook dinner tonight because my dear neighbor gave me a jar of spaghetti meatball sauce. She cooks it once a year and this was the second time we received it. My husband and I licked the last drop from our jar last year, it was that good!

While I was writing my blog, Kelly was looking out the window while Fie Fie was sitting next to me. Today every doggy got a hair cut, and had raw chicken legs for breakfast and dinner. Starting tomorrow I'm going to seriously prepare them raw food instead of giving them just chicken legs!

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