Saturday, January 5, 2013

We saw this sculpture of Lion eating a horse at the Getty Villa today. 


And here are some art works that convey a similar artistic expression I found in my house:)  

 Have you been to the Getty Villa? I enjoyed my visit very much today, especially the The Last Days of Pompeii exhibit. The art works were quite dramatic, it kept my heart going. I walked out of the exhibit wanting to read The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

After our museum visit, my husband and I were in search of a good burger joint. We were looking for parking when I spotted from pretty far away a beautiful Victorian little house situated among the monstrosities of modern apartment buildings. It just so happened that there was a parking space in front of it, so we parked our car and was going to head to our burger place when I saw a sign that said Angel's Attic. It was a dollhouse museum, and just our luck, it was open! For $8 per person, we had the most amazing experience, or at least I did. Since we were the only people there, we practically got a private tour. If you happen to be in Santa Monica, definitely give this place a try. It's well worth a visit. My jaw dropped just about when I walked into every room, the place is absolutely amazing!

We finished the day with a delicious and juicy burger from Umami's, and did a bit of shopping from Fred Segull next door, over all it was a great Saturday!

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