Saturday, September 14, 2013

I had been working on finding chihuahuas new home or a rescue group. After much effort, we started talking with a couple of rescue groups, one of them could take them. The pups are just getting used to my home, now they had to be moved again. It was very hard to let them go. Thursday night I packed all their things, beds, blankets, clothes, treats, toys and food into a large bag and packet into the car. I was determined to take them back if the foster home didn't look good. The pups thought they were out for a walk, until they got in the car and we started driving, they knew something was up.

The foster mom lived in a cozy beautiful vintage house at a nice neighborhood, it was a relief to see her with doggie fence at the front door, and a large backyard. She also had four other small dogs, some rescue and some her own. It took a long time for me to leave once I got there. Charlotte clung to me and looked so sad and I cried too. I think it was the right thing to do though, foster mom is so much better than me at training them to become better candidates for adoption, and she can socialize them better because she has so much experience and knowledge.

Since then I've been getting constant puppy updates from the foster mom along with pictures.  I'm also allowed to visit them if I want. You just know a dog loving person when you see one, on top of it all, I just could not believe there are people out there who are so generous and kind.

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