Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese dish that I happen to like very much. It's the perfect late night snack, very satisfying and delicious, and even better paired with a bottle of beer, or in my case, a glass of wine. However, the recipe is very confusing for me, especially when I make my trip to the Japanese grocery store and having to find the ingredients in Japanese. Every so often an unsuspected American walk into the Japanese grocery store, saw my Asian face and started asking me what's this and what's that, only to discover that I was as lost as he or she was. One time I was at the grocery store and found this all in one package, and a light bulb came on. Since then I have been able to churn out delicious and instant Okonomiyaki in my own kitchen at the snap of a finger!

You still do need the basic ingredients, two eggs, green onion and half a cabbage cut into small pieces.

Also Okonomiyaki sauce and mayonaise.  I keep these in my fridge at all times!

Then all you need to do is follow the instructions and mix everything in a bowl. Since I don't read Japanese and I could still follow the instruction based on the pictures, it goes to say that the instructions are pretty easy to follow. If you want to get real fancy, you could also add pieces of octopus or shrimp, since I'm not fan of either, I only use the basic ingredients.

It's also helpful to have little supervisors to make sure you are following the correct steps and keep an eye over the bacon...

I then spread the mixture in a pan and lace the top with bacon. I usually flip the okonomiyaki once to make sure I get crisp bacon. Then cover the pan for about five minutes, and it's almost ready to serve.

The finishing touch is to spread the top with okonomiyaki sauce, don't ask me what's in it, all I know is that it tastes good. And a bit of mayonaise. Now, it's ready to serve with a drink and enjoy:)

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