Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It occurred to me that I consume a large amount of Asian noodles of all kinds on a almost daily basis.   It might be kind of fun to compile all the different kinds of noodle dish that I like on a blog post! 

 One thing that tops the list is the cold soba, I seek them out no matter how far the restaurants are located!  They are refreshing and nutritious on a hot summer day,  if available I also ask for shaved yam added to the broth, it's very slimy, in a super delicious kind of way!

Another type is the Japanese ramen, there are so many different kinds out there, but I don't discriminate, I pretty much love them all!

I haven't been too much a fan of Udon, but sometimes there are restaurants that make them fresh in house, which is always a novelty.  If I happen to be near by such kind of restaurants, I never pass them up!

The pictured noodle is spicy cold Korean buckwheat noodle.  If I'm correct I believe this is a northern Korean dish, since I'm from Northern China, I discovered that I've actually grew up with many Korean dishes, such as kimchi, and I've had this kind of Korean cold noodle quite a bit since I was a little kid.  It's possibly one of my first favorite noodle ever!

This one is Chinese beef noodle, it's super cheap and delicious to eat at restaurant but the process would take so long at home that I've never learned how to make these.

Last but not least, my own homemade invention.  I once discovered a kind of black rice noodle at a small Chinese grocery store, and I've been making these a few times every summer.  The noodle is somewhat translucent and the dish is packed with fresh raw vegetable. With Summer coming soon, I think I better make a trip to that Chinese market again soon!

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